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Mike Studer Webinar

Stay positive!  Get encouraged.  Connect with other therapists looking for bright spots in this crazy time.

All the while--learning with the best--Mike Studer!

Mike Studer will share the highlights from our weekend course including:

  • The Neuropracticity Table of Elements (So nerdy--so good!)
  • Practical OPTIMAL applications for your patients (that are sooo applicable in tele medicine)
  • And much more!


Encore:  Cultivating CNS Connectivity Free Webinar

How do we help someone in a time of a pandemic?   Are there tools we can use to help people find safety in their nervous system and promote neuroplasticity.  How do we  get unstuck disorders like CRPS, dystonia and FMD.   Grab our highlight reel from our weekend course. 


Revisiting the unrelenting misperceptions of spasticity with Beth Fisher

Oh boy--this will be a good one!   Revisiting the famous CSM presentation that debunked many of the myths that are still pervasive about spasticity and it's influence on movement.   Don't miss out on this one. 

Saturday, October 24th, 9:00 am PST


CSM Dystonia Webinar

Have you ever wondered if it was even possible to improve dystonia?  And what about with the different types--cervical, focal and dystonia with PD--do they all respond to treatment? How is neuroplasticity possible?

EncoRE+Neuropracticity 3.0: The Brain Strikes Back Highlights -- FREE Webinar

Stay positive! Get loads of ideas you can use on Monday. Connect with other therapists to take their practice to the next galaxy! 

All the while--learning with the best--Mike Studer! 

Mike Studer will share the highlights of our weekend course including: 

  • The key concepts to neuropracticity in chronic conditions 
  • Practical OPTIMAL applications for your patients (that are sooo applicable in tele medicine) 
  • Sensory training nuggets

Hiring Webinar

Getting hired in your dream position can be a challenge, especially during a pandemic.  Download this webinar with some very practical tips and discussion hosted by Brittany Kim, PT, DPT, OCS, Robbin Howard PT, DPT, NCS and Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS.

Where to Go Next Webinar (Part 1)

Our choose your own clinical adventure webinar for functional neurologic disorders. 

Do you often feel stuck with a case where you are not sure what to do next?  Or maybe needing some creative ideas now in telehealth?  
Join us for this innovative webinar. 

With Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS and Brittany Kim PT, DPT, OCS


Where to go next office hour Webinar

Live patient case problem solving in FMD. 

Do you ever wish you could sit around the kitchen table and have a good brainstorming session with a bunch of other crazy therapists?   To practice new techniques and apply them to your cases?   This is the webinar for you.

With Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS and Brittany Kim PT, DPT, OCS

All Things Neuro Ortho Telehealth Dialog

Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS and Brittany Kim PT, DPT, OCS  lead discussion and group dialog on telehealth applications including:

  • Outcomes that are working for neuro/ortho/complex cases in tele health
  • Now what?  Manual therapy
  • Help!  My patient is low level, what do I do?
  • The not-tech-savvy client--how do they do this?

What do we do?

We love to collaborate with other health professionals through education.  Our learning includes an innovative membership community, mini courses, weekend courses, the Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship and as a site for the USC Orthopedic Residency.   

We LOVE sharing what we are learning and doing all of the time!  This includes weekly FB live videos, frequent free webinars and free printed resources for therapy world.  

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